Alastair Bowser

The Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Adviser

Personal Information

I live with my long-term partner and our two Daughters (Sophie 4) and (Jessica 5 months) along with a fat ginger Cat and two Chickens in a beautiful village in a rural part of Suffolk.

I have been in financial services since 2004 having held various positions within the industry from Financial Advisor to Private Banking Manager, I chose to specialise in Mortgages back in 2014.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would

I would (what would you do with your life): If I won the Euro millions lottery I would: Retire to the South of France after setting up my own Micro brewery and running my own Farm whilst not having a single worry in the world. I would love to help my Friends and Family out elevating any financial worries they may have whilst making some donations to several worthwhile charities.

First full time job

Working at Wm Morrison’s Supermarkets Petrol Station.

I love my job because

I love the constant challenges I face on a day to day basis and l love helping and providing solutions to my clients needs and generally get a real buzz in knowing I’ve helped somebody out and made a real difference.

  • Something not everyone knows about me...
    “Being such a music lover of all types I used to work on Hospital radio helping entertain sick and elderly patients and my partner who is a police woman thought it would be funny for her colleagues to prank arrest me when I didn’t come home from a night out and left me in the cells for a few hours (without letting on).”
  • Likes
    Sport (Football and Snooker) mostly watching, Sampling Real Ales! And visiting new places.
  • Dislikes
    People who are impatient and bad drivers.
  • Favourite Destination
    Tough one! I would have to Say France, spent a lot of time here when growing up as my Parents have a house there and it reminds me of the simple things in life and what matters to me the most – no to mention I love the laid-back culture and great food!
  • Favourite Food
    Far too many to mention but love Beef Bourguignon and any other French cuisine.

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