Hazvi Chimbetete

The Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Adviser

Personal Information

I was born in Zimbabwe and moved over to the UK in 2005 with my husband and two lovely children. My 1st job in the UK was selling Double Glazing door to door which is a bit of a cultural change after living in the African sun for 25 years. I host a radio show on Friday nights, and my first degree is in Science and my second degree in Law. I love talking and if you ever wanted a short conversation then don’t ask me about my views on Mugabe.

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would

Build Schools for Girls in developing Countries and Build my family’s dream home, my close family and friends would definitely benefit too!

First full time job

Science Teacher at an all-Boys School when I was 21

I love my job because

“I enjoy helping people realise their dreams and being part of their journey to buying their home gives me job satisfaction.”  Being talkative helps a lot because it gives my customers a familiar person to talk and enjoy the process of arranging their mortgage. The work life balance my job offers is paramount and suites my family needs, keeping the whole clan happy.

  • Something not everyone knows about me...
    “I have Managed a Tobacco farm, in Zimbabwe and looked after over 20 farm workers who lived on site with their families. Arranging the farm Christmas party was more challenging than the tobacco harvest and curing.”
  • Likes
    Having Fun, Public Speaking, Writing, Cooking list goes on…..
  • Dislikes
    Chameleons, Snails and Snakes
  • Favourite Destination
    I have family all over the world, but visiting my sister and nieces in South Africa while getting to enjoy great food and do some cheap shopping is an added bonus.
  • Favourite Food

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