Jodi Spreadbury

The Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Adviser

Personal Information

Loves live music, regular at Glastonbury and various festivals and gigs – preferably when the sun is shining! I enjoy days out at the races, even more so since I invested in baby racehorses and love to see them training and progressing.   

If I won the Euromillions lottery I would

Travel the world, buying beautiful properties in interesting locations.

First full time job

The Mortgage Broker Ltd – since 2005!

I love my job because

I get to speak to a wide variety of people, from First Time Buyers to experienced borrowers, and help them with their journey. Some require more time than others but the satisfaction with the end result is always the same.

  • Something not everyone knows about me...
    “I cannot function without listening to music.”
  • Likes
    Reading, exercising, the odd box-set binge, shopping, spending time with my friends
  • Dislikes
    Lateness, mess, bugs, hayfever.
  • Favourite Destination
    New York City
  • Favourite Food
    Steak, sweet potato fries, cheesecake and champagne :)

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